My Name is Catty

An Odd Trio

Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel. – The Daily Post

Oh dear…this morning is so cold. So very cold and It can freeze me to death. Where is the sunlight anyway? Is this morning or night? I believe this is morning. I went sleep last night and I supposed to wake up at the morning, right? So..this is morning without sunlight. Brrr…… I have to do something to warm my body. It looks like this thick fur won’t help me much. Kitchen!…..yeah…that place must be very warm. She usually cooks something in the kitchen every morning. Hm…She cooks everytime actually.  I’ll stay near the stove to get warm. Alright I’ll go there…

Sniff…sniff… What is that? something very…sniff…sniff… delicious coming from that closed door. Sniff…sniff…oh dear its smell so tasty. I’m hungry now. I better hurry up. Food….I’m on my way !! But the door is closed. Now what?? She always closes the door when she’s in the kitchen. Knock…knock….Please…let me in. I beg you. I’m freezing and hungry here ! God…How could she do this to me? Kriiiingggg…. the phone is ringing. Perfect ! Saved by the bell! At the third count, the door will open and she will comes up from that door to pick up the phone. One….two…three…. Here she come !!


Here I am in her kitchen. She loves blue very much. Everything is blue. Even the bowl on that table is blue. Wait a second….what is in that blue bowl? I can’t see it from under. I just see smoke comes from that bowl and flies away to the air. Sniff…sniff….hm…this is the smell that attract me to come here, isn’t it? The smell getting stronger. It’s a soup! A chicken soup! I like it. Who said I only like fish soup? I like every kind of soup. I must jump over the table. Can I? Let me try.

Prang !!! Oh dear, I mess up the table. I jump over the table and landing right in the edge of a bowl of soup. The bowl falls and hits the floor. What am I gonna do now? I’m scare. What will she do to me when she knows I mess her table? Oh no…I hear the door open. Here she come….

“Oh pussy cat…what have you done, dear?”


“C’mon Catty, I’ll clean you up”


She picks me and place me on the kitchen sink. She begins to rub my whole body with the soap water. Doesn’t she know the water is so cold? She takes me out of the kitchen and…oh no….she grabs a towel beach from her room. She wraps me with that towel. Please…not this blue stripe towel. I hate this towel. Hey Lady….you should wrapped me with the pink one. She leaves me on the sofa then she goes back to the kitchen. Look at me! How pity I am. I can’t get that soup and now I wrapped by this stupid towel. What a morning….


Dian Widyaningtyas

Still catch up The Daily Prompt, July 14th, 2014

Pic is taken from internet

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